Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't go in the fertilizer!

Nate fertilized the lawn yesterday, so we didn't want Novie walking around in it. She licks her paws, and we didn't want her to get sick.

When she pushed her way out of the mud room door, she immediately headed for the grass. I tried to head her off, so she took off in the opposite direction to another patch of grass. I then herded her back the other way and finally got her to go back inside.

How often do you think God feels like that?

"Kiley, don't go out there. It's not good for you." I run in that direction. "Don't go that way, come this way." I run a different way. "No, still not that way. This way." I finally understand.

Jesus is the great shepherd, and we are his sheep. It's not just that sheep are stupid and follow their shepherd but that they run and get lost and he has to herd us back to where we're supposed to be.

Like a dog that doesn't know what's good for it, we often run away when we would be safer if we would just listen to our master.

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