Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy 90th birthday Jack

Today would have been my friend Jack's 90th birthday.

I had it written down in my planner to make sure to remember his birthday this year, although he passed away this summer and didn't quite make the milestone.

His daughter posted a photo of him as a young man on Facebook and said that she missed him. I guess that's what everyone wants, is to have their family and friends truly miss them when they're gone.

Sometimes I wonder why people die.

There is a little girl in a nearby town that just passed away. She had beautiful eyes and looked like an absolute sweetheart. When that happens, I think maybe that look girl was just too precious. Maybe she had already figured out life, and God decided to take her because she was already as perfect as this sinful life would allow.

However, if that were true, there are some older people I know — Jack included — that seem to have life figured out. They seem to even no longer sin, because they have such a close relationship with God. If they are that good, why wouldn't God take them too?

I know we'll never know why God chooses to take some and leave others here on Earth. I know that he has his reasons for everything and we don't even need to know, but sometimes I just wish there were a few more answers than we have now.

That's where faith comes in.

For some people who aren't Christians, it's hard to not have answers. They think they will only be happy if life makes sense, so they spend time looking for explanations. When there is a question that goes beyond human comprehension, I'm glad that I can just leave it in the hands of someone much bigger and smarter than me. Sometimes I guess it's actually nice to not have to figure everything out.

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