Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unlikely companions, what Christians need to be

I found this Youtube video today, and although it didn't make me "happy-cry" like it said it would, it did make me think a little bit.

This video is adorably full of animals that get along, although they shouldn't. A tortoise takes care of a hippo. A chimp (or orangutan?) is friends with a dog. A capybara is a mom to orphan puppies. These animals sense a need and fill in.

I mentioned this in my blog about "Sons of Anarchy," that I think Christians need to do more of this. We need to take in the people who don't have anyone else, who are lost or hurting or sad. We need to be there.

I think sometimes Christians are so scared of becoming a part of the world that all we do is live apart from the world. The government is now the one taking care of those less fortunate rather than the church stepping in and being God's hands.

Next time you see a little hippo that's all alone (and no I don't mean a literal hippo), step in and be a mommy, even if you're a tortoise.

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