Friday, November 15, 2013

Nails no more

My name is Kiley, and I'm a nail biter.

My nails actually aren't too terrible right now, because I guess I wasn't that stressed at work this week. The moment I get stressed I go right to biting, or picking the skin around my nails.

I have tried to quit for years and years. I remember my mom purchasing me a Burt's Bees skin ointment that she said she would only buy if I promised to stop picking at my skin. She also bought me a manicure kit when I promised I would stop biting my nails.

I go through highs and lows, but I've never been able to stop the habit.

The problem really is though, that my husband hates it. When he catches me, he will give me a look until I sit on my hands. But they just get so antsy, I have to do something so I start it again.

I was talking about the problem with a friend, and she said her husband used to bite his nails until he decided to stop. Then he stopped.

I don't even understand how it is possible to stop a habit so easily.

But I want to stop. I don't want to have ugly nails or have manicurists look at me like I'm gross and have terrible habits.

So here goes, I'm trying again. And I could use some prayers to keep me at it.

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