Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thankful for memories

The other day, I could not find my work iPad anywhere.

It wasn't under the gobs of notebooks in my office. It wasn't plugged into the charger in the living room. It wasn't even in our bedroom like I thought. I went around the house five times, wondering where it could have gone to, because I there weren't that many hiding places in our small home.

It took about 10 minutes before I remembered the "safe place" I put it in our bedroom.

That happens to me every time I put something in a special place that I think I will remember. I remember putting in a special place, but I never remember where that special place is.

I think I have a pretty terrible memory, and I have to write down everything from my to-do lists to my grocery lists to remember what I need.

Thinking about it today, though, I realized I am extremely blessed with my memory. It might be a little lacking due to the amount of things I need to remember, but I have solid memories of the important stuff. I remember our wedding day, college fun with my friends, Christmases of my childhood.

There are many people with dementia who would give anything to be able to remember those big times, because they can't even remember that.

It was one of those times today that I wanted to complain, but then I realized there are people much worse off. So instead, I'm thankful. And thank you, Lord, that I have so many good things to remember.

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