Friday, October 7, 2011

Best decision ever

Yesterday was my parents' 32nd anniversary, a huge milestone in today's culture.

My parents got married when they were only 19 years old, and my mom had only turned 19 about two weeks before the Oct. 6, 1979, ceremony.

I always thought it would be great to be married by that age, but when I was 19 I know I was certainly not mature enough to get married. It has always impressed me that they made it getting married so young and that they could work through their problems.

My parents have always told me that they only have made it by the grace of God. Their faith has been a core part of their individual lives and their relationship. I think that's wonderful that God found them at the time they got married and that he helped them through the years.

My mom was actually dating my dad's best friend when they first met, and my mom broke up with him for my dad.

In fact, the day my parents got married my dad's best friend - who was the one that had dated my mom - asked my dad to switch places.

That story makes me laugh, because, seriously, even if my dad had agreed did that guy seriously think my mom wouldn't mind if someone else showed up at the altar?

When about half of marriages end up in divorce, I am so glad that my parents have such a strong relationship. I don't know how either of them would do without the other, and I don't have any qualms about saying they will spend their entire lives together.

They have set a beautiful example of marriage. Although their relationship is unique and different from the one that Nate and I share, I think we both agree that we have wonderful examples of marriages before us. It gives a lot of hope that we have seen people who have made it through the problems and have relationships that are models of what it means to be successful and still in love.

I texted my parents yesterday to tell them Happy Anniversary, and I loved what my mom wrote back: "Thank you. Best decision I ever made was to marry your dad. What beautiful babies we made."

I agree - best decision ever!

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