Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A baby's smile

Although my cousins started having babies a few years ago, I haven't been living in my hometown so I didn't spend much time with the kids.

However, some of my friends have kids, my sister-in-law is pregnant and so is Nate's sister, so there are going to be more kids coming into my life very soon.

Today, I went for a walk with a friend and her two little boys, age 1 and 2. One of them is a little stinker and the other is a cuddly little booger. They are both super cute.

I love how easily a baby can put a smile on your face. Whether they are being ornery or just having fun, it's so easy to fall in love with them.

I just thought this picture was cute, and it brings a smile to my face so I thought I would share it!

I liked taking pictures, so I hope that sometime soon I can take some more of the babies I know!

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