Monday, October 3, 2011

A little reminder

Yesterday I got a text message from my dad that said, “I’m glad you’re my daughter. I love you.”

It didn’t say anything else.

It didn’t need to.

I don’t know whether my dad heard something that reminded him of me or he learned something watching “Courageous” at the movie theatre on Friday, but it was a nice little text.

That little message was really sweet and made me smile. Although I know my dad loves me, it’s still nice to hear it/see it. I think everyone would agree with that.

I like to text people/Facebook message them/e-mail them and tell them that I’m thinking of them and that I love them. The person I text message most would be Nate, at least with messages of love and appreciation. I think sometimes he just shakes his head, because he already knows that I love him. However, it never hurts to remind someone.

Who should you tell you love or appreciate them today? Even if they already know, why don’t you remind them that you’re in their thoughts.

Even if it doesn’t do anything but bring a smile to their face or their heart, that little message is quite worth it.

So for all of you reading this, I appreciate you. Even if you already know, I thought I’d remind you. :)

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