Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Honesty is the best policy

We just bought a car, and I'm also trying to sell my car right now (a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT Sport if you're interested). I really can't wait for this entire process to be over.

When we went to the car dealership, we found out the car had hail damage that we weren't aware of. They said the car had been decreased $3,000 because of the damage. However, they also said the damage would cost $5,000 to fix. They offered us a $2,000 discount or they would fix it for $3,000. Either way, it wasn't a good deal.

We said we would pay $500 for the hail damage to be fixed. They said, "No," until I walked away, and then they started working with us. It just frustrates me, that playing process. It's like they want to screw you over until you won't let them. I wish they were just honest.

I feel the same way selling my car. I want to get the most out of it, but I also want to get rid of it. Someone approached me today and offered half of what I have the car advertised for. I said no, but would give a little discount. He then he said that would be OK. I could have gotten screwed over if I had accepted that lowball offer.

I am not good at bargaining, and I really don't enjoy the back-and-forth process. Everyone is just out to get what they want, and I understand that. However, I wish people were just honest. Honesty is always the best policy.

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