Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh what a beautiful day

Wow, what gorgeous weather outside today.

It's only about 65 degrees, but after a few months of winter people have broken out the short sleeves, and I think several people have gone for walks today. This afternoon I took a half hour off, working a little bit later than usual, to go for a walk in the sunshine with Nate and Novie.

Having a puppy is so much fun, because she can turn even a simple walk into an excursion. We love just to watch her flappy skin wiggle as she takes steps with her wide-set paws. She loves to run after us - well, when I say run maybe I should say lope, because she doesn't go very fast. Her little paws made plinking sounds in the puddles along the way.

I commented during the walk how funny it was that 65 degrees felt so warm. When you're used to 90-degree weather in the summer, 65 feels cold as fall approaches. After windy days and cold snow in the winter, 65 degrees feels so warm.

I guess that's a little bit like life. How we feel about our situation often depends on what we compare it to. Take money for instance. If our family makes $60,000 a year, that sounds like a small amount compared to the C.E.O.s that pull in a million or more. However, if you compare it to people who struggle to get along with a couple hundred a month - or even a year in Third World countries - then it seems like a lot.

It's like looking at the glass half full or half empty; we can look at the thermometer as going up or going down.

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