Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"The Bible" show

Have you watched "The Bible" on the History channel?

Nate and I stayed up late the other night and watched the new biblically-based show on the channel. I was excited that people in Hollywood had decided that attention should be paid to the most important book in the world.

Although there were a few inaccuracies that made me a little nervous, all in all, I have to agree with a friend of mine who said that the show isn't perfect but it is a great evangelical tool. Not only might it reach people who don't know stories from the Bible, but it is also a way for us Christians to start conversations about the Bible. People might be more willing to watch TV than to sit down and read the Bible on their own.

It's great when Hollywood realizes the importance of putting on biblically-centered entertainment. It's up to Christians to watch these shows and movies in order to show movie-makers that we support their endeavors. If they're not making money off of it, they're not going to do it.

Hollywood puts its money into movies that talk about witches, vampires and sexual encounters, because that's what sells. Industry leaders know that shows about food, style and "real-life" drama will draw viewers, so that's what they film.

Even though "The Bible" doesn't quite perfectly compact Bible stories, it does bring in a biblical standard to television, and I do think it's important that we watch and show we appreciate when pop culture includes God.

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