Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Inspiring notes from Beth Moore

There's a couple of other thoughts from Living Proof Live that I wanted to share, but they don't necessarily fit in with anything else.

1. Beth Moore said she always has thought planliness is next to godliness. I disagree with her there. I think planning is great, but I have learned that what is really godly is the ability to disregard all your plans and live in the moment that God has given you to make the most of life and to do what you are called to do, even if it doesn't fit in with what you expected.

2. Going along with that: There's no redoing today. How are you spending your time? Is it in a way that a few years down the road you will look back and be happy at how you utilized your time? We don't get another chance, so make the use of each moment we're given.

3. Many women, and men, tell God, "I want you to use me, but I don't want you to mess with me in the process." We give God a small box to work within, because we want to be comfortable with how he's using us. We should say, "I want you to use me." Period.

4. "When you love God, when you talk about him, you will talk about him with that love." When I talk about my husband, I hope that it shows just how much I love him and how proud of him I am. That love I feel on the inside just bubbles forth. People who have cherished children just beam as they talk about their kids. The love is evident. When we truly love God, it should be evident when we talk as well. What comes from our hearts will spill out of our mouths, whatever it is.

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