Saturday, August 3, 2013

My current struggle

I had the opportunity to attend Beth Moore's Living Proof Live conference with some friends, and it was a beautiful time of refreshing and spiritual rejuvenation.

However, my spiritual need may have been different than many of the women there.

You see, I don't have much turmoil in my life right now. Yes, I get stressed out about work and when little things go wrong, but all in all, my life is going great.

Many women at the conference said "Amen" and raised their hands and cried as they were inspired to get through the hard times. Some shared about loss in their lives, and I knew the women right next to me have gone through struggles in the past couple of years that I can't even imagine having to deal with.

At first, I almost felt empty. How was I to get the most out of the conference without having something to overcome? I wrote down in my notes that my struggle was my lack of struggle in my life. Then I realized that perhaps that is truly my greatest problem right now.

When I started packing for the conference, I knew that I needed to bring my Bible. I went into my room, and it wasn't there. I started looking around the house and couldn't find it anywhere.

Then I realized I had left it at church, when I brought it with me three weeks ago. It had been that long and I hadn't even noticed that it was missing. I didn't once look to open my Bible and read it in that time.

At the conference, I thought "Well, at least I can in preparation for the hard times." That's good to do. However, it's also important for me to praise God in these good times and create a closer relationship. Just because I don't need to cry out to him for a specific tribulation doesn't mean that I don't need him.

I'll write tomorrow about the many points I picked up during Moore's presentations.

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