Sunday, August 4, 2013

Living Proof Live with Beth Moore

The Living Proof Live session with Beth Moore that I attended focused on Exodus 1-2.

Moore said this was the first time she has spoken on those passages, and the topic was on Birthing Purpose as it followed the beginning of Moses' life. Here is an outline of the points that I wanted to note during the sessions.

1. Birthing purpose is birthing something that means something. Basically, we waste a lot of time on things that mean absolutely nothing — Facebook, Twitter, TV shows.

2. Birthing purpose wil not happen without our personal cooperation. We can sit life out and God's purposes will still be fulfilled, but they will not be fulfilled in us. Purpose is important, because a sense of purposelessness in life is worse than pain.

3. Birth purpose most effectively requires significant midwifery. A midwife is someone who helps deliver something; broken down it means "With women." We are meant to be involved in one another's birthings. This is especially difficult in this culture where women are constantly competing with each other or comparing each other.

4. Birthing purpose incites our murderous oppressor. If Satan can't kill your body, he will do his best to murder your purpose for being here on Earth. Just like labor, it will be difficult to birth purpose. The prelude may be exciting and happy, but getting to true purpose will be hard.

5. Birthing purpose results from a series of events and encounters we could never orchestrate. God is obviously in charge.

6. We become our biggest obstacle to full-grown purpose. We feed what we want to grow and thrive and starve what we want to die, but often we don't do that and are our own obstacle. If you don't know where to go, act like Moses in Midian and just sit by the well and wait. God will show you what to do. In those times, you may think that your struggle isn't being heard. "Your tears may go into the pillow, but your cries go straight up," Moore said.

7. God remembers purpose even when we've moved on. We may think we need to bear up and shut up after a while of struggle. But God wants us to cry out to him. If we cry out and he answers, then we know that he is the one that answered, and he is glorified.

8. Purpose lives to help people. Without people, purpose dies. We all come to a place where we don't like people. We want to serve God, but we don't want to have to deal with someone else in order to do it. However, in history all the people who have had significant callings on their lives have had to deal with people. We should pray to have a heart that loves people.

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