Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thank a Police Officer Day this weekend

This Saturday is National Thank a Police Officer Day.

I've written before about how law enforcement officers often get the shaft when it comes to being shown appreciation.

People think of firefighters or the military first, because those men and women give of themselves but don't have to punish their consituents. They save someone's house from a fire or go overseas to punish our enemies and make it safe for us to live in this country.

Police officers serve and protect, and often that means punishing the people in our community who do wrong. They have to give tickets when people are speeding or have a brakelight out --- making the roads more dangerous. They arrest people who get drunk and start fights, even if those people think the fight was warranted. They might have to come intervene in a family argument that gets out of control, keeping those people safe even if they are angry that someone is butting in.

Sometimes police officers aren't appreciated because they can't solve everything. They might not be able to find your lost puppy or find your stolen wallet. They will try to solve your problems, but some things are even beyond their control or are too small considering what else they have to do.

Law enforcement officers also have to uphold all the laws, even if they don't think they are right. If you try to take up your case with one that you are breaking the law because it is a stupid law, it won't work. They have taken an oath to uphold the law, no matter what it is. They don't make the laws.

But law enforcement is important. If they didn't uphold the law, can you imagine what the world would turn into? I think they just created a movie like that, "The Purge."

So when you get a ticket, apologize for doing something wrong and take the punishment. When they come to your house to help you out, thank them, don't yell at them. Be understanding that their job is tough, and they don't want to be dealing with your situation any more than you do.

This one day a year, show your appreciation for all that law enforcement does in the community. Just a little thank you can make a week's worth of trouble worth it. Who doesn't appreciate a little appreciation?

So, thank you. Thank you all law enforcement officers for your honesty, your courage, your hard work,  your dedication. Thank you for all you do and all you are. We salute you.

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