Monday, September 23, 2013

Visit from mom - and dad and brother

It's so nice to spend time with family.

When you're little, you love to be around your family. You cry when Mom or Dad leaves you with someone else, because you could spend every waking moment with them and be happy. When you hit your teenage years, something in those hormones makes you cringe when Mom or Dad enters the room. You don't want to spend any time with them and look like a dork. When you grow out of that stage, it becomes wonderful to spend time with them again.

My parents and my brother visited this weekend. The men went duck hunting each morning, and my mom and I got to spend some great time together.

It's never crazy things that we do. We went to secondhand stores, tried glass etching, made dinner. However, it's just nice to know that you are loved and that someone likes to spend time with you doing the simple things.

When I was little, BFF rings, bracelets and necklaces were popular. I had a couple, although I don't really remember who they were from.

One, I remember though. I still have it somewhere, although I don't know where it is tucked away amidst my childhood treasures. It should be in my ballerina, musical jewelry box.

That ring was a Friends Forever ring that I got from my mom. It's the only BFF piece of jewelry that I ever had that I know is true. We might have had our ups and downs when I was a teenager, and we might not always agree on everything, but when something good or bad or newsworthy happens, I know that I can share it with her. She is a wonderful friend, and I'm so blessed to have her.

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