Friday, September 30, 2011

Cheering for killing?

This morning, I check Fox News online and read an article that said Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki and co-editor of Al Qaeda's web magazine Sami Khan were killed this morning by a US drone attack.

I immediately cheered inside and said "Thank you Lord."

Then I felt a little weird. I just thanked God that someone was killed.

I have never been one against war, in fact I am very far away from a pacifist. However, I have never really thought about praising God for a death.

I know this is a complicated subject that people have varying views on. The one thing I did think about right away was that God called people to go to war in the Bible. He assisted in many killings.

David, Joshua, Gideon - these men would never have been able to fight and defeat their enemies had God not assisted them in battling evil in the world.

We have people trying to kill us, trying to kill our loved ones, trying to kill our soldiers for what they consider a holy mission. I think we have a holy mission to fight back against this evil.

And although it feels weird, I thank God for helping us defeat the evil forces fighting against us.

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