Monday, November 21, 2011

Jesus is the reason for the season

If my memory serves me, my mom used to have a Christmas pin that said "Jesus is the reason for the season."

It's a common phrase around Christmas, when we think about Jesus' birth - the original reason for Christmas. However, I don't think that saying should be put to the back of our minds the rest of the year.

Jesus is the reason for every season. Jesus is the reason for life. Without God, we wouldn't even have seasons so the reason for the season is God, is celebrating our creator.

Jesus is especially the reason for Thanksgiving. Although God makes the sun shine on the faithful and unfaithful alike, Christians recognize that everything we have is a gift from God.

When you're sitting around your table on Thursday, going through the things in your life you're thankful for, don't just say it as a statement. Turn it into a conversation with God. Thank you God for...

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  1. You remember correctly and I agree wholeheartedly!