Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Merry Christmas

People seem to walk on two sides of the fence this time of year, debating about what is really Christmas season.

Does Christmas start the moment Halloween ends or do you have to wait until after Thanksgiving for Christmas to start?

Well, for starters I don't think it's ever too early to celebrate the coming of Jesus to Earth. In that sense, Christmas can be all year long.

However, in a non-religious sense, I hate it when people begin to celebrate Christmas at the beginning of November. It doesn't affect me at all when people get over-exuberant, but it still bugs me.

My brother used to talk about people being holiday impaired. When people left their Christmas lights up after Jan. 1 - and kept them lit - he would say they were holiday impaired. I think instead of people leaving Christmas stuff up too late, people are becoming holiday impaired by putting them up too early!

Facebook is filling up already with pictures of people's Christmas trees. I even passed a house the other night that had candy canes lit up in the yard! Why do we feel a need to rush Christmas?

I love Christmas. I love baking, celebrating with friends, putting up the tree, shopping and wrapping presents, lighting cinnamon-scented candles, listening to holiday music. I appreciate the season as much as anyone.

We aren't allowed to celebrate our birthdays early. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day in January. We don't dress up for Halloween in September.

We have plenty of holidays to celebrate throughout the year. Let's time the time to celebrate each of them without rushing it. Thanksgiving should get its fair shake before Christmas, even if there aren't any presents to open.

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