Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmastime is here!

I know I complained about Christmas coming to early in November, but it's after Thanksgiving and it's time for Christmas now!

A talking snowman outside the door, a wooden snowman in the windowsill, a small Christmas tree, lights around the window and the door, a Christmas tree candle. I whipped out my Rubbermaid with all my holiday decorations in it and switched out my Christmas items for my fall decor.

I like seasonal decorations. It makes me excited for the changing seasons, even when I don't look forward to some of the outside changes like the cold weather and the drab landscape before snow falls.

Decorations especially make me happy when they have memories attached. The snowman outside my door reminds me of my mom, because she got it at Goodwill, holding on to it for me even when a woman followed her around waiting for my mom to put the stuffed piece back.

One ornament on the tree is a little piece that I made for my friends last year, and another is a reindeer that we used to make when I was a little girl.

This year, I decided to put front and center a dried starfish that has a surfboard and sunglasses. I got it on the trip Nate and I took to California this year, when we visited Catalina Island. I put the year on it too, because I figure someday we will look back and not be able to remember when we took that trip. Now we will always remember.

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