Sunday, April 15, 2012

Affairs you will remember

A writer for Fox News' iMag, Dr. Shoshana Bennett, wrote: "Before marriage and life experience, I used to think if my man ever had an affair we'd be finished. Period. Everything was black and white and simple. I now know from both personal and professional experience that an affair can be the best thing for a relationship, but usually when the spouse (even if it's you) doesn't know everything. Unless the result was a child or a communicable disease, there's usually no need for him or her to know.

"Of course, if you're going to work on the relationship, the affair must have stopped completely. It's impossible to put 100% into the marriage when some of the emotional energy is being spent elsewhere."

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Her main premise is that telling your spouse you had an affair is selfish because it brings nothing but heartache. Although I don't agree, I understand.

However, this part that I copied was one of the worst, most ridiculous pieces of opinion I have ever read. An affair can be the best thing for a relationship? Not!

She might think that people need an affair every now and then to spice up life, to get out of a rut. That healing from an affair can bring a couple closer together.

Cheating on your spouse is never a good idea, never. The moment you break your vows to God and to each other, you have stepped into a place that you can never come back from. If your spouse knows, they will never trust you 100 percent again. If they don't, you will have a guilt to live with every moment for the rest of your life. That is not counting other complications or God's disappointment in your actions.

I was flabbergasted that someone could condone an occasional affair. Marriage is for life, not just when you feel like it.

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