Monday, April 23, 2012

MTV's "Cribs": Wasting our wealth

What a different world this could be if people weren’t selfish.

There’s a lot of ways to take this, but in particular, I was watching MTV’s “Cribs.” It was a countdown of the most expensive homes featured on the show.

One home had silk walls in the dining room. Another had crystal banisters on the stairs. Yet another had a red Lamborghini parked outside.

The most expensive home though wasn’t a home - it was an island with a home/prive getaway built on it. This billionaire bought the island for $300,000 and has made millions of dollars worth of improvements to it, so it is now worth $150 million.

I understand when you have a lot of money that you can use it the way you want to. I even know that although I don’t make much, a lot of what I spend is on selfish endeavors. But really, $80,000 on a chandelier? How about $8 million on a rocky pool? A marble toilet with a gold seat?

That money that people are spending on homes that they actually live in very little, on cars that they don’t have anywhere to drive and on furniture they don’t sit on, is ridiculous. They could very easily give that money to someone who is less fortunate, a missionary that’s trying to make a difference, an orphanage that is feeding little children.

We’re so sheltered here in our wealthy country, that even those of us who don’t make “much” are often actually extremely rich. We have no idea what we have and how big of a difference we could make.

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