Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's Not About You

It's all about me!

Just kidding.

Well, as we are supposed to learn in marriage counseling, life is not all about me. Life is supposed to be about my new spouse, and later, my children.

Single life prepares us for selfishness. Although I've been dating Nate for a long time, we have really lived life for the most past going our own way, buying our own stuff, living how where we wanted, in our own time.

Marriage is about putting the other person first. It's about doing his laundry before we go on a trip, when he has to work. It's about getting up early to greet him when he comes home. It's about moving to the place that will make his dreams come true. It's about doing the dishes, because I know he hates it as much as I do.

Most of these things make me want to grumble and act in the way I want. However I have to learn life is not about me.

I think my brother and sister-in-lawyer are learning about that with their new baby too.

Life really should never be about us anyway. We were put here to serve God, and that means putting others' needs first. Marriage is just the prime example and the one we face every day, or at least I will soon.

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