Monday, August 20, 2012

A little time with God

It's kind of been bugging me all weekend. I was watching an episode of "Chopped," and this woman chef was a Buddhist. She said that she spends an hour every day meditating.

My first reaction was, who has that much extra time? My second reaction was, there's not very many Christians who spend an hour a day with God, but here is this woman spending that much time "not thinking" or whatever meditating is.

Then today, I was talking to a woman who was a missionary, translating the Bible in a remote village in Papua New Guinea for 24 years. She said that one thing she wants people to remember from her speeches at venues around the country is that she thinks we should read the Bible every day. She said that she reads the Bible before she leaves the house each day, even if it's going to make her late.

I really need to work on that. If God is as powerful and majestic as I know that he is, I should be acting like it much more than I do.

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