Thursday, August 9, 2012

Making memories

I hope to create memories for my family, like my mom did a great job of doing with me.

Last night, I was out boating with Nate and our friend Brent, and I laid down to watch for shooting stars in the black night sky. It was something that my mom and I did pretty much every year about this time. She loves to see meteors, and we would put a blanket down on the porch and watch for them to shoot across the sky.

Every time I see one night, I think of those times with my mom. I saw five of them flare across the sky last night, and I wished that she was there with me. When I shriek in excitement at seeing them, I don't think that anyone else really understands why.

I have a lot of fun memories from childhood, and I credit a lot of those to my mom. She really loved being a mom and loved to spend time with us. I think she was the only mom who was disappointed when school came back around each year, because she liked it when we were around during the summer.

I don't think we'll have children for a while, but even when I'm married I want to create memories with Nate. I want to make his life as fun and exciting as one woman can. I hope that someday we can do that for our kids as well!

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  1. I am so glad that we made happy memories together! I wish I could have seen those shooting stars with you! I went out one night this week too, and I thought of you (I didn't see any, but I am glad you did). You will be a great wife and mother...just like you are a daughter!