Monday, December 31, 2012

Time with family

I took a few day's break off blogging because I was spending some time with my husband!

It seems my schedule goes - when Nate is working: Cook, clean and catch up; when Nate is off work: Play!

This weekend we went to his extended family's gathering in a town a couple of hours away. We left Novie here for some of our friends to take care of. I was slightly embarrassed that they were coming to pick her up in the pit our duplex had become when Nate was off work.

I know that it's important to keep up on the cleaning. I don't ever want to be one of those people that others walk into my house and go, "Eww." However, I also think it's important to prioritize. What my life has become is prioritizing my time with Nate. When he's home, I don't worry as much, well at all, about doing dishes or sweeping the floor or even doing the laundry. Those are precious moments that I can spend with my man.

When he's back at work, I catch up on all the monotonous things, because there's nothing else to do. I might as well spend the time we have together actually with him instead of just in the same space as him while rushing around to do chores.

A couple people I have had to interview over these past couple of weeks have been hard to get ahold of, because they have so much time off of work during the holidays. They get to spend all that time with family.

That's great, but I also think that it's important to spend time with your family all year long. I think that with our schedules, Nate and I won't be much of the doers. We might not be in all the church groups or have our kids in every sport imaginable. We value our free time together, and although we like to serve in different ways it's also important to just enjoy life instead of rushing around every where.

Now just remind me I said that when we have kids :)

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