Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cold hands...

Some crazy storms have been cutting through the Midwest this week, from snow to high winds causing blizzard conditions.

It has been interesting to go through this week and see how much a little weather can cause your life to change.

Monday school got out early which meant that dance was postponed. We moved it to today, but I thought it might be nice because I wasn't going to work Friday as I had to work Saturday at our winter sports area for work. However, school has then been out and had the schedule changed, and winds changed snow conditions, so I wasn't sure if we would have dance or if I would be working Friday or Saturday.

It ended up that my schedule was completely normal, even a little freer than usual because dance was once again postponed and the wind blew all the snow away from our sports area at work so there is no need to work this weekend.

However, we were thankful for the storms that blew in when it meant that everything was cancelled tonight and all my college girlfriends and I could actually get together and chat. We try to do it every two weeks, but it doesn't usually work out for all of us at the same time. Tonight, the storms freed all our schedules to coincide.

Chatting about pregnancy, people we know in common, movies, work, tattoos --- it's just nice to be a five-some once again.

Living in the Midwest, we usually see winter as rough, cold, long and miserable. We wonder why we live in such a cold place, where it sometimes hurts to walk outside.

But when those snowy days bring everyone into the living room to play a game in front of a warm fire, or puppies run inside and want to cuddle up on your lap, or tight schedules are loosened and allow old friends to catch up, it seems like winter might just be a treasure that brings people together.

They say "cold hands, warm heart," and since pretty much everyone in Midwest has cold hands in the winter, it must warm up all our hearts.

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