Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Monopoly City: Winner, winner

A huge push of ours at work is to get people out of the house and into nature.

It often makes me think about what we have been doing in our free time and makes me want to get away from the television and either outside or doing something that connects us a little bit more.

This Sunday I pulled out Monopoly City from the shelf in the basement that it's been stored since we moved into our house. We couldn't even remember how to play, because I think we only played that version once when we first got it.

It took a little direction reading, OK, a lot of direction reading, and we finally figured out how this version of the game differed from the original.

The game said to set a timer and that it would beep at us when the first hour was over so we could decide whether to play longer or not. I didn't figure it would take us that long to play, since it was just two of us.

Turns out, that might make the game even longer.

It was tight at first, as we figured out how to play this more elaborate version of the business game. And then the tide shifted into my favor.

Little by little, I started to buy while Nate started to have money issues. Little by little he mortgaged his properties and I continued to erect buildings. Little by little it became obvious I was ahead.

Three hours after we started, Nate went bankrupt, and I joyfully realized my success.

You see, I don't think I have ever won at Monopoly. Ever. I don't remember ever winning at Monopoly Junior, regular Monopoly or Monopoly City. And there for a while in high school, we played a lot of Monopoly.

Nate always wins at Monopoly. Always.

I have to say, winning felt pretty good. It was a high I kept going for about an hour, before we headed to a friends' house and my team started to lose pretty good to Nate's at euchre.

Good thing we never finished that game.

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