Friday, January 2, 2015

Planning the garden

Flat beige pepper seeds, teeny tiny cherry tomato seeds, chunky snap pea seeds.

Open, half-filled packages were lined up on my white-painted wood floor as I decided what seeds to plant in my garden this year.

It seemed only fitting that as the new year started I should order seeds for my garden, where new growth is always a sign of impending bounty and beautiful weather.

I have a lot of seeds left from last year that I didn't need since my garden area is so small, but Nate said to buy new seeds anyway because who knows where the world will be in the next couple of years. We might need those extra seeds in a time of less bounty.

I spent lots of time scouring my Seed Savers catalogue when it came in the mail about a month ago and had narrowed the offerings down to the top couple in each variety. Then I finally had to make some decisions as I ordered each.

Two kinds of beans, carrots, peas, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, romaine lettuce, basil and oregano. I got close to the amount you had to order and not pay shipping, so I threw some broom corn on there as well to grow for a beautiful decoration next fall.

Gardening brings so much joy, year round. It's not only when the plants grow and I get to see them turn from tiny sprouts into bountiful harvest, but it's when I look in the freezer and see all that we have that came from the work of our hands and God's blessing. It's so nice to know that you have worked hard and saved money and what you have done is paying off.

I'm already excited about getting those seeds and planning the garden for this year. I think with all the half packets I have this will be a test year. I will get to see which tomatoes really do grow quickest and have a bountiful harvest and which beans taste the best and which carrots grow in the soil we have.

With a new year comes hope of things to come!

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