Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sermon notes --- How work touches eternity

Sunday morning today started off with work, as I served in the church coffee bar. Making coffee, arranging cookies, refilling sugar and creamer, washing and drying dishes.

That work is not only for the people who come in and feel loved by the goodies in the coffee bar, it's for Jesus. I had to remind myself of that yesterday too, when I was cleaning house. That not only serves my husband and my guests --- like my dad who is visiting today --- but also Jesus. That work is glorifying God because I am working in my capacity as wife, a job that he gave me.

The pastor today is taking about how work connects to not only today but eternity. Jesus came to Earth to not only save our souls, but someday he will also come back and will resurrect our bodies. At the same time, Earth will be restored and renewed as well.

The new heaven and earth will be much like our earth now, except with all sin and all effects of sin removed. Think about how amazing that will be. We love our earth --- that's why everyone wants to be healthy and live a long life. We want to stay here. But think about how wonderful our world will be without sin and sickness and pain.

That goes for work in the new heavens and earth. If I worked in a coffee bar, I wouldn't dread the cleanup process and emptying the garbage. I wouldn't get upset as I picked up at home and had to do load after load of dishes. It would be perfect and pleasing. Work there will be as it was originally meant to be.

Our work here also touches eternity I'm a different way. What we do with our lives, which includes a lot of time spent at work, will be examined and tested. What was done for God will be rewarded. If the time we spent at work was not given to God and was not done for God, it will not be counted toward our eternal reward. So spend your time, including your time at work and working at home, working as if directly for God. That will be credited to you. It will not be forgotten.

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