Monday, May 11, 2015

Vacation: Part 2 --- A sensitive place in Jamaica

Since we arrived at the resort about 3 p.m., we had plenty of time to still relax and enjoy the first day there. We showered and headed out to explore the resort.

It was beautiful; we loved that this resort was completely full of nature. There were swallows swooping around and cattle egrets walking along the shore. A variety of palm trees graced that landscape as did these giant trees with grape-like fruit on them. The whole place was just very natural, and that appeals to us.

As we were walking, a Sandals photographer approached us and asked to take some pictures. We haven't ever done this before, because we know we won't buy any, but we acquiesced this time. We took a couple of photos and told Tavon this was enough. He wouldn't let us go though.

Instead, he started intriguing us with bits of knowledge about the island. He told us the difference between a fox-tail palm and a fish-tail palm, and then he would show us different tropical flowers, all while dispersing it with photos.

No matter how we tried, he was really interesting, and although we didn't want anymore pictures we started to enjoy ourselves and kept following him along.

We got to what Tavon said would be the end of our photo journey, and he walked into a grassy area to show us one more item.

Before we left for Jamaica, I had talked to one of our volunteers at work and she told me about a plant in Jamaica that folds up when you touch it. It immediately became my goal to find this sensitive plant.

Well, Tavon started to tell us that Jamaica had a plant of which there are only three varieties worldwide. He said one variety of this plant is the Venus flytrap, because it responds to touch. That's when it clicked.

"Are you going to show us a sensitive plant?" I almost squealed...OK, I did squeal.

Tavon looked at me oddly, surprised that I knew what he was talking about. He said yes and led us to a patch of this odd plant with small leaves. I bent down and touched it, and the green leaves folded up on themselves.

I squealed again.

This vacation was already turning out so cool.

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