Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vacation: Part 1

We arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and were greeted with a turquoise-clad woman holding a sign "Nathan and Kiley Roth."

She grabbed our custom cards and then led us right to immigration, ducking past people in line. "I'm sorry" I mumbled as we cut ahead of everyone thanks to the small price we paid a company called Club Mobay. It led us on a Fast Track right through immigration and then customs. Beautiful.

Our bus was soon called inside the Sandals Lounge, and we headed out with the other people who were going to our resort, 90 minutes away.

We got to the bus, and in order to put himself at ease, Nate started to chat with the bus driver while he made sure our luggage got on the bus and that the bus driver was going to be safe. Nate and Brian, the driver, bonded and Nate finally felt comfortable, or at least as comfortable as he was going to be.

It took about 10 minutes, the moment we got out of the city, for me to start feeling a bit ill. The roads were already windy, and I knew it was going to get worse from what my mom told me. I got out the dramamine and chewed one disgusting raspberry tablet up, passing them to a new friend who also was feeling the turning match the churning in her stomach.

Halfway through, we stopped at a jerk shack to use the restroom. Nate bought our new friends a drink, and they asked if we wanted some jerk chicken. We said "No," because we weren't sure about eating something from this hole-in-the-wall. However, they brought us a tin foil wrapped package of chicken, making us step out of our comfort zone. It was really good. The chicken was smoky, and the jerk sauce added just a little kick.

It was 45 minutes before we finally reached our resort, the jungle atmosphere sailing by as we entered the driveway. We were handed moist, cool towels to wash up and then headed inside to check in. Beverages in hand, we got our stuff in order and went into our room.

The view from the door was gorgeous, of the tree-covered mountains and even the very natural-looking resort. We haven't had great "ocean" views before, so we didn't expect a ton. However, walking to the patio, we were surprised with a gorgeous view south over a pool, white sand beach and turquoise ocean. To the right we could see a small peninsula with trees, and that evening we could see the sun set over it.

This was perfect for the first view of our resort.

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