Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vacation: Part 3 --- Burning hot

We woke up on Monday morning --- well, I woke up --- and I popped out of bed. It was around 8 a.m., and I just wanted to vacation to start. So I opened the curtain and let light flood the room. My gracious husband opened his eyes slowly.

We got ready for the day quickly and opened the door to head to breakfast. The air was already a bit humid and warm, but coming from the Midwest we were used to humidity and thankful for the warmth.

I looked at the resort below and saw people in jogging clothes coming back from morning runs, and I could hear tennis balls being hit on the nearby court.

"Wow, people are way more motivated than us," I said.

We were just ready to eat and hit the beach. We sat down for a beautiful breakfast outdoors and had eggs benedict, which is my favorite breakfast but one I hardly ever get. With fresh fruit to start off the meal, I couldn't have asked for more.

We walked down to the other side of the resort and pitched our stuff on chairs along the beach. Nate pulled his chair into the shade, and, as always, I pulled mine into the sun. I never burn, and he burns easily so it seemed right.

I started my novel, and he just gazed out into the beautiful blue waters.

We watched the waves, headed out to a floating hammock and soaked in the warmth and then went on our way to lunch. We ended our day in the main pool and then went to our room to sit on the patio to share a bottle of champagne as the sun set.

The view was gorgeous. The sun was bright and turned the sky a mellow pink, purple, orange as it set behind a tree-lined peninsula just within view. The sight made me relax immediately as I breathed in the moist air and settled into the white, strapped deck chair. My body seemed to melt without the pent-up worries and cares that come with daily life.

I showered and put on a brand new dress for dinner, one that I had picked up at TJ Maxx for $11. It was even Express brand, so I knew it was a good deal. I took the chance at curling my newly-cut hair, and it worked, although in that humidity it didn't last long.

I walked out to the patio and spun for my husband who was still relaxing, as it takes him a grand total of 10 minutes to shower and get ready, even for a nice dinner. He whistled as usual, and then when I sat down he realized just what I looked like.

"You are burnt."

My skin was a delightful shade of red, and my "tan" lines were obvious, although the dress straps hid them pretty well. As I said, I never burn so Nate found it comical that I was quite crispy after a day in the sun without sunscreen.

"I've got to take your picture."

"You want to document that I'm burnt?"

"Yes, in the 11 years we have spent together I have never seen you burnt!" I smiled for his iPhone camera, no idea what was to happen in the days to come thanks to my lack of sun care.

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