Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vacation --- Part 5: Ow


I rolled over and the skin on my shoulder scrunched, causing pain on my sunburned skin, so I rolled onto my back again and fell asleep.


I had rolled onto the other side in my sleep and scrunched that side's tender, burned skin. I fell back asleep on my back again.


OK, seriously. How many times was I going to unconsciously roll over and cause pain? I might as well get up and start the day at this point.

"Want to play tennis?" I asked Nate.


I went to get dressed and winced as I pulled my sportsbra over my head.


I just looked at Nate and laughed at my painfully red skin.

"OK, so clothes really hurt. I'm not sure how I'm going to play tennis and lift my arms up!"

"Yeah, I was kind of surprised that you wanted to."

Well, that left the option of changing into my swimsuit, and that process was even more painful. I did it like a Band-Aid and just went quickly, but I had enough pain to make me quite content with staying still the rest of the day.

Breakfast. Relaxing in the shade of the grape tree. Lunch. Relaxing in the shade. Champagne on the patio.

We were invited to a martini tasting event as a part of our room package, and I decided to put on a strapless maxi dress that I had just purchased. I wanted to wear it, but I was a little skittish since the strapless look wasn't great with my "tan" (burn) lines. I got over it and went out anyway, figuring most people had probably gone through a burn before.

The tasting was fun, because we got to talk to people from Tennessee and even from Britain. We met one couple from Nottingham --- yes, like Robin Hood's Nottingham. They said they lived only a few miles from Sherwood Forest and regaled us with the tale of Little John's tree which is a huge tourist attraction and is dying but held up by steel beams so it tourists aren't disappointed.

Dinner of escargot and duck pate, plus duck breast for the main course. A quick show at Le Caberet and finally an evening of dancing in the martini bar. A vacation that includes dancing? Can't get better than that!

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