Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sermon notes --- Working for God

We work for Jesus.

Look at your job --- no matter what it is. If you are a truck driver, recycle scrap metal, teach kids, patrol the streets or answer phones in the church office, you are serving God through your job. Since God created work, we are showing him respect and worshipping him by participating in what he created.

In our jobs, our faith should shine through in a variety of aspects.

We live in a culture of disrespect, from kids not respecting their elders to wives not respecting their husbands to the public not respecting the authority of police officers. As Christians, we are to respect people as God's creation. Respect does not mean agree with or like but to respect the authority of. That is true in the workplace, and our faith should make us different in that aspect.

Respect also includes a good attitude. The Bible says bond servants are to be well-pleasing and honest (not stealing). Then our faith shines through.

So often we live our lives without much thought. We don't realize that such little things as supporting our bosses or staying positive in a difficult situation or taking problems to the person instead of taking behind his or her back can make such a difference. Life is fast, but I think if we slowed down and thought before acting we could make such a difference. People are watching much more than we realize.

But it's not just conscious decisions that we make. We also need to work on our relationship with the Holy Spirit. If the Spirit is active in my life, I will naturally act differently. I will naturally react in a way that is God-pleasing. Because we are sinful creatures we have to remember we aren't different on our own. We are different with the help of God.

Basically, Christian employees should be the best employees. We should be sought-after, because working for God means we try to be excellent in all our work. Are you sought-after?

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