Monday, February 20, 2012

Lessons to learn

I think I'm a bit spoiled.

OK, well maybe a lot spoiled.

I haven't had too many things go wrong in my life - from all of my grandparents still living to only ever having had one boyfriend to finding a job straight out of college.

Well now that I'm engaged, I kind of just thought that my planning nature would take over and everything would go perfectly smoothly. It seemed like it was going well, even with us getting our dream reception venue. Until that venue backed out yesterday and told us it couldn't happen.

I had a minor freak-out while Nate was sleeping and tried to figure out where else we could hold the reception.

I told Nate we were back to square one, but he said we were farther than that. It just took him to tell me that as I started to realize that we had done a lot in the past week - made plenty of decisions. We were not back at square one, we just had to take a different route.

It looks like there will be lots of room to grow when planning a big event, and I'm open to those lessons and whatever God wants to teach me during this time. Even if it means not everything being quite as perfect as I hope every moment.

I should say though that everything is perfect, because I get to marry the man that has exceeded all my dreams!

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