Tuesday, February 21, 2012


As Nate and I start to go through this time of planning - I have 14 of 184 tasks completed in the wedding planning according to The Knot - I know that weddings are going to be on my mind a lot.

When I got my iPhone a couple of months ago, I downloaded a Bible-reading app and started a plan to read through the Bible chronologically through the next year. I was doing really great - until the weekend we got engaged. I have to admit I'm about a week and a half behind now.

Through this time of planning, I have to remember to keep my priorities, just like we have to remember priorities during all chaotic times in our lives - both good and bad.

God needs to be honored in Nate and my engagement and in our marriage, so that means we can't neglect spending time with God during this time. In fact, we should be focusing even more on God as we look to the future and seek his will for our lives as times begin to change.

Relationships, faith, cleaning - things seem to get put on hold when other tasks demand our attention. Sometimes we have to really make a concerted effort to make sure that our priorities are in the correct order at all times.

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