Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leviticus and numbers...

I have been reading chronologically through the Bible. When you get to Leviticus and Numbers, you sometimes start to question why those books are in there.

All those censuses and laws don't really apply to us today. However God obviously wanted them in there for a reason.

When reading Leviticus, the thing I thought about most was how thankful we should be for Jesus that we don't have to make such sacrifices to take care of our sins. We are so blessed to have the Lamb that too away all our sin and made it so we can approach the God of the universe.

Numbers shows us some history, and I'm sure it has been used a lot to prove the legitimacy of the Bible through the years. I should be appreciative that this book is in the Bible even if it's not as interesting to read.

The Bible is so much fuller than we can imagine. I try to look for new things every time. What do you notice each time you read the Bible?

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