Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Homemade pillows

I love to be crafty.

I showed my friends the two pillows I made for another friend's bridal shower that I'm throwing and they laughed and said I was ridiculous.

That's because I made a felt flower on one out of petals I stenciled, cut out, traced onto felt, cut out and sewed I a fat quarter. I then made the pillows and stuffed them. Although it saved me about $60, it took about four hours.

I don't care when crafts take time. Right now I'm also working on a rug that I'm crocheting out of yarn made from old T-shirts. It's time consuming but worth it.

I like to craft because it allows me to be frugal, and it makes me feel so accomplished.

It's so much more rewarding for me to give a gift or walk into a room and go, "I made that" rather than "I bought that."

I'm so looking forward to creating a semi homemade new home with Nate. And we get to start in less than a month!

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