Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not just part of life

God isn't supposed to be part of our lives, he is supposed to be our lives.

I heard this on Christian radio today.

The speaker said that God is not like a friend on Facebook, just someone we add. When we become Christians, our entire lives are supposed to revolve around our faith.

Francis Chan was talking on the radio the other day about when he took a trip to China, the people in the underground church there were laughing hysterically about how we treat our faith. We switch churches when we don't get along. We don't appreciate that we do have a church on every corner. We go for an hour a week.

I think we have it so good in America that we don't appreciate our faith as well. The American pastor that is in jail in Iran right now - how many of us would be able to survive that? We haven't been pressured enough to appreciate all that God has given us. Most of us haven't completely given our lives over to God, because we don't have to. It's comfortable to be a Christian, with that as much a part of your life as soccer, your job or dance. It's not supposed to be part of your life - it's supposed to be your life.

I honestly am not even sure what it means to give my whole life to God. I don't even know where to start, I guess, except to talk to God more and read his Word more and just see where it leads - and be open to where it leads.

It's just something to keep in mind that when the choice arises, it's God or nothing. Not a part, but a whole.

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