Monday, May 13, 2013

Thankful for mothers every day

Yesterday was Mother's Day, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be thankful for our mothers today as well!

I'm thankful that this year I have two moms, because I now have a mother-in-law as well. I am thankful for so much about my mom and mother-in-law, but recently what has struck me most is the importance of having a mom that is a friend when you're both adults.

I love that my relationship with my mom is reciprocal now. I call her when I need advice on everything from home decor to personal problems, but she also calls me when she needs to cry out something or isn't sure what piece of furniture to buy. It's nice to be there for her when she was there for me for so long without getting anything in return.

I also love that I can hang-out with my mother-in-law and talk to her like a friend. When my in-laws visited earlier this year, Nate and his dad went ice fishing, and his mom and I went shopping all day. We laughed and found fun stuff, and it was just nice to be equals. I realize that many women dread when their mothers-in-law come into town, and I am blessed to have one that I like and that likes me!

I guess that's something that mothers of younger girls should know. Although right now you have to be in charge and make rules and punish when rules are broken and can't be the friend to your daughter that you desire to be, someday you will be equals. Someday your daughter truly can be your best friend. Someday your relationship will be reciprocal. Be the best mother you can be now, and later, you will get to be friends.

I'm so thankful for my mom - a woman I truly don't know how I would live without. I thank God for her, her wisdom, her example, her friendship. I hope that I don't have to learn how to get along without her!

And this year, I'm so thankful for my mother-in-law. I'm thankful to feel the love of a mom even when I'm not with my own. I am so blessed.

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