Friday, May 10, 2013

Think before you speak

My pastor's sermon from last week said, "We talk about ourselves too much, and our lives are boring and trivial.  It is probably a good idea to talk about Jesus more because his life is not boring and trivial."

It's so true! We spend so much time talking about ourselves - Facebook statuses, Tweets, blogs, text messaging about what happened to us today. I haven't joined Twitter, because I figured no one really cared about my life all that much. Why would I need to update my every move?

However, I still talk about myself a lot. I talk about my day with my husband, my parents, my friends. I act like my life is really important. Really, what is important is Jesus. Why don't we spend more time talking about Jesus.

I know why - it's awkward. It's hard to fit God into a conversation. The moment you bring up God or Jesus, things get awkward. Even if you're talking with other Christians, God doesn't enter your conversation all that often.

Really, though, we don't prioritize much in our lives. We talk about the weather and what happened at work. It's the serious issues, the things that matter, that are hard to talk about.

When we open our mouths, we should make sure that what we're talking about is important.

One of the people I know who is best at this is my dad. He doesn't talk all that much, but we always say when he does you better listen. When he sits down to have a discussion, you know he has thought through what he has to say and that it is important. I think that's a good reputation to have and something that we should strive for.

Let your words be humble, impactful, God-filled and selfless.

That's a big challenge.

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