Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a day honoring St. Patrick.

Now, that seems obvious with the name. However, in America the holiday has turned into a green-infused drunken celebration.

I read today a little about about St. Patrick. In my twenties, you would think that I would know the history of this holiday that has been part of life, celebrated with pinches for everyone who doesn't wear green. However, I have never thought about the man behind the day.

I found that St. Patrick brought the gospel to Ireland. He also had something to do with snakes. However, the biggest note I made was the way the shamrock made its way into the holiday.

St. Patrick used the shamrock as a tool to describe the Holy Trinity - three separate leaves that are really one stalk.

Americans are really the ones that have changed the meaning of the holiday. In Ireland, the Catholic Church stresses the day, and even the bars there are filled with mostly Americans.

I talked with my friend about how not many people know about who St. Patrick is. At my dance class, my kindergarten students mentioned making green items but not learning about the meaning behind the holiday.

Few holidays celebrate saints. We have holidays celebrating veterans, presidents, moms, dads - but St. Patrick has his own day. That should mean that we really should learn more about the man and his mission rather than glossing over what the day is and celebrating it with a color and some alcohol.

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