Friday, March 11, 2011

Robins Mean Springtime

It's so funny to realize what parts of you life think are normal, what phrases you say, are really only something normal in your family.

In college, we used to laugh all the time when one of us would say something that seemed so normal to them that seemed odd to everyone else.

My friend Lindsey called cupcakes cuppycakes - something I had never heard before.

I raved about Christmas oranges. During the Christmas season, oranges are always delicious, and they have a distinctive smell that sets them apart. However, when I talked about Christmas oranges, no one knew what I was raving about.

Another family tradition I have that seems normal to me is guessing when the robins will show up every spring. My mom and I always pick a date that we think we'll see the first robins. The winner doesn't get a prize - and I can't even remember who has won year to year - but it's still a fun way to watch for the coming of spring.

This year, my mom has already seen tons of robins, but we have not had any up here yet. I guess they have made the trek up those few extra miles.

My mom guessed they would show up March 12 here. I said March 15. Nate joined in on the guessing and said March 17.

I don't think spring ever comes until after March 12 - my brother's birthday and notorious for terrible weather - so hopefully my guess isn't too far off.

Even if I'm wrong though, I just hope that the coming of the robins really does mean spring and that spring is just around the corner.

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