Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I don't feel like it

Yesterday, I just didn't feel like working.

Now, to be honest, there are plenty of days when I don't feel like working. I don't think I am alone in this. Unless you are truly blessed, you probably don't ever look forward to going to work. However, there are just those days when you say, I don't want to!

Instead of working I could have slept late. I could have watched movies or TV. I could have gone for a walk in the sunny weather. I could have read a good book. I could have gone shopping. I could have colored a picture. I could have painted some picture frames. I could have taken some pictures.

I could have done anything I wanted to.

Instead, I had to put in my time on the job, raking in the dough (not). I didn't have a choice. As I work on a deadline, I don't get days where I can just sit back and laze around. I have to start my work whether I want to or not. Sometimes, that is frustrating.

If life were based on feelings, I don't think we would get anything done. We wouldn't want to work or clean or volunteer or donate money or work out problems or anything.

Sometimes, feelings are hard to overcome. Who knows where feelings even come from. It seems like they are in the pit of our stomachs or the bottom of our hearts, but really they somehow come from our minds.

I know that listening to feelings is not the way to live. Feelings are a part of our sinful nature for the most part, and I have to do what is right, what I am supposed to do instead of listening to the whimsy of my feelings.

But sometimes, many times, I just don't feel like doing what I am supposed to do.

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