Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Look on the bright side

When Lent started, I wanted to give up complaining.

I went a few days never having to correct myself, and I thought, maybe I just don't complain as much as I thought I do.

Then, I realized that I just don't realize it when I complain! I think I complained so much that I didn't even realize what was complaining. It's hard to give something up when you don't notice that you're doing it enough to correct yourself.

I'm still trying to give up complaining, but I don't know how well it's going. I think I can practice though, here's some things I can look on the bright side about:

Complaint: It's rainy outside.
Bright side: I would much rather see it rain than have snow or ice.

Complaint: Work is long.
Bright side: I'm so thankful that I have a job. When I think about it, I don't know what I would do with all my time if I wasn't working.

Complaint: I'm always cold, especially my feet.
Bright side: I can turn on the space heater whenever I want, because I don't have to pay utilities. I also can put my feet on the battery charger for my computer, which keeps them warm when I'm working.

I'm sure I could think of many more complaints, but I'm going to stop trying to think about parts of my life to complain about. Maybe, like me, you just need a reminder to think on the bright side before you realize that you complain way too much!


  1. ...or put some socks or slippers on! It's really bad when we are complaining about something we CAN change! Weather/Work,etc - no; cold feet/boredom, etc - yes. Good thing to think about.