Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunny Days

I was driving in to the office yesterday, and the weather was dreary.

The sky was the same dull gray it has been most of the winter. The gray roads were covered in a gray slush. The little towns looked just as gray and bleak as the rest of their surroundings.

I looked up into the sky and caught a glimpse of the sun through the clouds. It wasn't bright, and it wasn't doing much. However, I realized that even though I could hardly see the sun, it was doing plenty for the day. It was obviously daytime; I could see easily. Even though the sun wasn't making a huge difference it was definitely creating a brighter scene than the moon does at night.

I thought about how the sun could be doing even more if the clouds would just clear up. It could warm up the landscape and give everyone a smile, just because it was bright and cheery.

Sin is kind of like the clouds I saw. When we sin, it puts a barrier between us and God. It's not so much a barrier that means we aren't Christians; he is still making a difference in our lives, turning night to day. However, he could be doing more.

If we would only clear away the clouds in our lives and let the son do his job, it could be bright and cheery and a type of weather that we all cherish.

Instead, much of the time we are living in a dreary day. We can live with it, but no one really enjoys it, and enough dreary days in a row can really get you down.