Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You have a story all your own

Everyone has a story to tell.

As a journalist, when I call people to interview, people often say they aren't worth an interview, that they're life is not important?

What makes a life important enough to share with others? Do you have to sail around the world, brave death to bring the Word of God to people in the jungle, have won a medal in a war? What about the people who make a difference by not working so they can raise their children or who have lived 90 years in one town and have seen it grow up and change?

Everyone's life is important, and everyone has learned lessons and made a difference somehow. Some people might have wasted part of their life, but can now talk about how they have realized the importance of small moments. Some people may be able to share the importance of everyday family life.

It's like the little, everyday moments in life - they may not seem important at the time, but everything has a story to it, and everyone has something to share.

Think about your life - and do it in a positive way. Stop thinking about being unimportant and really contemplate how you have made a difference and what you have learned. Don't even try to say you're not important, because you are. In the eyes of God, in the eyes of people who care about you, you are important.

You have a story that is all your own. No one will ever repeat your exact life, so you have something special to offer.

Your story is important.

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