Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You never know

I haven't seen a robin yet this year.

That is, I hadn't until yesterday.

Driving home from the office yesterday, I was listening to the radio when two wings flapped in front of me, and I saw a flash of orange. Then, a thud.

The bird hit my grill, splattered blood as it rolled up my windshield and went over the car to bounce on the road behind me.

I gasped and laughed all at the same time. The situation was ridiculous, but it was kind of sad too.

The other day, I was reading in "Angel Train" by Gilbert Morris, about a man who once saw a bird fall out of the air for no reason at all.

To us, the death of a bird doesn't seem like a big deal. However, we can easily compare ourselves to these birds.

When these birds woke up, they didn't realize that this was their last day on Earth. They couldn't have realized that they would get sick and die or die of old age or would get hit by a car. Really, all of those scenarios could happen to any of us.

We never know when our last moments could be.

I believe that God has all of our lives in his hands. When people die in odd ways, ways that should never happen, you know that it was definitely that person's time to go. However a person dies, it's their time to go.

God has a plan.

We just need to remember, we don't know it.

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