Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to my childhood

I have a variety of VHS tapes in a cupboard in my bedroom - "The Lion King," "Pocahontas," "It Takes Two."

They were movies that I grew up watching. Even though my VHS player isn't even plugged in anymore, I can't seem to part with these tapes that have stories that made up a lot of my childhood.

I've always been a bit of a movie buff. I love to escape into the world of stories on tape.

The other night, I decided to watch "A Little Princess" on Netflix's live streaming. It was another movie I liked to watch when I was little, a story that my mom also enjoyed. She always thought the main character looked like one of my best friends. It was fun to watch this movie and feel like childhood isn't quite so far away.

I think a lot of people feel like that. As "The Lion King: 3D" comes to theatres for a limited time, I have seen numerous people write about seeing it on their Facebook feeds.

The many Disney movies my generation grew up with is something that I think we will always remember. The movies, the soundtracks, the merchandise that kept the many Disney stores in business.

My favorite movie was always "Pocahontas," and I still get a little miffed when she is overlooked in Disney Princess merchandise. She was the best princess, and I had a Pocahontas towel, swimsuit, watch and sweatshirt among other items. I still have, and use, the beach towel.

It's fun to have items that bring you back to your childhood - movies, memorabilia, books, toys. I don't think you ever have to fully grow up. Maybe you can do something tonight that reminds you of childhood and feels a little bit like home.

By the way, I missed writing it on Monday, but it was my mom's birthday! Happy birthday Mom! I love you lots. You're the best mom that I could ever have!


  1. Thank little "Pocahontas"! I remember it like it was yesterday. Remember how you dressed up as Pocahontas for your school halloween party? I love you, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I remember dressing up as Pocahontas several times :)